Michigan to retrieve $8M in duplicate unemployment payments

Overpayment discovered on May 11

Experts break down the June unemployment numbers

LANSING, Mich. – The state of Michigan overpaid $8.2 million in duplicate unemployment payments to about 3,000 residents and is going to attempt to collect the money.

The Unemployment Insurance Agency issued duplicate payments to “a small percentage of claimants" as it worked to expedite payments to the millions of workers that were laid off during the coronavirus pandemic.

The overpayment was discovered on May 11 during its internal review, the agency said. Agency officials caught the error within a day.

Claimants moved the extra money out of their bank accounts before the agency could automatically retrieve it, according to spokesperson Jason Moon.

The UIA will reach out directly to those who received duplicate payments about repayment.They can voluntarily repay the full amount, can pay it down periodically or schedule future payments until paid in full.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Michigan has experienced staggering level of unemployment. More than 2 million residents have applied for state and federal benefits since March 15.

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