Here’s what scammers are doing to target Michiganders filing for unemployment

Scammers making unemployment process even harder for Michigan residents

DETROIT – Scammers are targeting thousands of Michigan residents trying to get their unemployment benefits, making an already frustrating process even harder.

Officials said scammers are somehow getting their hands on a list of people who have filed for benefits. They’re using that list to target residents who have already been hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Filing for unemployment has been a well-documented struggle for thousands of Michiganders. Now many are working to verify accounts that have been locked because of scammers.

Help Me Hank has learned scammers are targeting those who have accounts locked and asking them to verify information over the phone.

They’re trying to learn people’s social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and the maiden names of their mothers.

But those calls have no connection to the Unemployment Insurance Agency, officials said. They simply want to steal the information and your identity.

Anyone who receives this type of phone call should hang up, experts said.

If your account is still locked, call the UIA or log into your account online. Saturday and Wednesday are the lowest volume days.

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