Heart of Detroit: Martha Goode

Former teacher goes beyond the classroom, into the lives of troubled teens

DETROIT – Martha Goode could have walked away.

As a retired teacher, she had already put in her time.

Instead, at age 50, she went beyond the classroom and into the lives of troubled teens at Alternatives for Girls.

"Many of the women who come here to participate in the shelter program find themselves pregnant and completely unable to deal with that situation and they really need some help," said Goode.

Martha is never surprised by what she sees.

The long-time teacher says our culture helps to foster these kind of problems.

"One of the most amazing things that I hear from these young people is how much they long to be a good parent for their baby," said Goode. "Isn't that wonderful?"

The girls don't want to repeat their mistake.

"That is a pretty great motivation," said Goode.

What are most of the young girls who come to the Alternatives for Girls looking for?

"Really life," said Goode. The girls are "looking for a life that holds promise for them."

Week after week, Martha Goode shows young women that such a promise is not empty.

And in doing so Martha reveals to them, the heart of Detroit.