Detroit woman’s love of handwriting turns into successful business

Paisley Paper Co. was founded in 2016

Detroit woman’s love of handwriting turns into successful business
Detroit woman’s love of handwriting turns into successful business

DETROIT – Most would consider handwriting a lost art, but Andrea Williams was interested in calligraphy and writing since she was a little girl.

She has a business is in the Fisher Building, which she says is a work of art in of itself, and business has never been busier.

“People are more sending more cards,” Williams said. “People are not ordering from big box stores,”

Between a growing push to buy local and the Black Lives Matter movement, Williams said more customers are looking to shop at Black-owned businesses.

“People want to do something more tangible,” Williams said. “When you order from me, it’s literally me shipping it out to you.”

Her dream started with an Instagram post of her handwriting. She went from making cards for her friends as a hobby to founding Paisley Paper Co. in 2016.

Her style is influenced by by blue note jazz and 60s illustrations.

The Detroit artist paved her own way in an industry that’s lacking diversity. Williams said she just wishes her dad could’ve seen her success. He passed away in 2004. The joy on her client’s faces keeps her going though.

“Seeing people pick up a card, and say, ‘Oh, I know exactly who I’m going to give this to.’ I love that,” Williams said. “That’s why I do what I do.”

She hopes more children of color follow in her footsteps and embrace their creativity.

More information on the Paisley Paper Co. can be found on its official website here or its official Facebook page here.

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