How non profit National Faith Homebuyers helps families purchase home

How non profit National Faith Homebuyers helps families purchase home
How non profit National Faith Homebuyers helps families purchase home

DETROIT – It’s part of the American dream.

Buying a home to call your own is something many people aspire to. A good credit score, employment and a sizable downpayment are just a few of the things needed to make that dream come true.

“I wanted a home for me and my kids. I wanted a house. I wanted to own something," Dina Harris

That’s the reason Harris started National Faith Homebuyers, a faith based non profit in Detroit.

“I designed this program in partnership with 13 banks," she said. “The first year we put 50 families in homes in Ann Arbor.”

That was back in 1996. Now, 24 years later, national faith homebuyers places anywhere form two to three hundred families in a home to call their own every year.

“We decided to take each family on their own merit. So it depends on what their needs are, what their dreams are," said Harris.

Their services are all free. They raise money to provide their clients with classes like foreclosure assistance and prevention, homebuyer process, and a downpayment program. National Faith Homebuyers can help you overcome any obstacle to homeownership.

“We’ve had families whose income was low and they really couldn’t afford to buy a house. We helped them create a small business, whatever that skill level they had we work with them," said Harris.

By partnering with so many banks, Harris and her team at national faith homebuyers have thousands of dollars to give to each client for the downpayment on their home, typically around $7,500. Harris wants people to understand how important homeownership is.

“Because it’s the stability. It’s the pride that comes with owning a home. It’s the security. It changes your whole mindset," said Harris.

With offices in Downtown Detroit, Westland and Atlanta, National Faith Homebuyers has helped people all across Metro Detroit and beyond get into a home. They’re here to help you.

“Most people think that we just help low income families. We work with everybody, anybody, county-wide!" said Harris. “We take whoever walks in the door. We don’t care!”

For more information on National Faith Homebuyers, go here.

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