Ridgewood’s Little Free Pantry: Clarkston community bands together to help neighbors in need

Pantry started small, grew

CLARKSTON, Mich. – Over the past year, many families have lost jobs and income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That has led to a growing need for support.

That need inspired a contagious spirit of giving, which has been displayed in hundreds of acts of kindness. That includes the pop-up pantry.

Jon and Deena Miner in Clarkston set up a pantry outside their home. The project started last spring with tomato plant seedlings that were grown in their greenhouse. They ended up having way more than they needed.

The roadside table became a small pantry where neighbors could share any extra food they had. Then that small pantry got large.

They started a Facebook page, which has helped spread the word and inspired friends and strangers to stop and share. For the Miners, it’s a family project. Click here to visit the Facebook page for Ridgewood’s Little Free Pantry.

They are long past being surprised by the generosity of so many people. When the pantry gets low, they just put out the call and there is always a response.

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