Public donations will foot bill for blue turf field at Oxford High School

People step up to foot bill after learning Oxford high School's blue turf field still had not been paid for

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

OXFORD, Mich. - Public donations could help save homes put up as collateral to pay for the blue turf football field at Oxford High School.

Local 4 reported early this week that five homes were on the line because they were used as collateral for the $400,000 field.

Since that report, businesses and community members have donated $25,000 to save the homes and protect the field.

"Oxford alumni, Oxford people, Oxford residents have to step up and we've got to pay this thing off.  We can not leave those guys out there. We can't hang them out. That's not team," said Bud Rowley, the Oxford High School head football coach.

Donations are being accepted through the end of the month, with the final payment on the field due Sept. 1.

"We gifted this turf to the schools. The schools aren't paying a dime for it. It's up to us in the community to raise the funds," said Jim Reis, one of the home owners who put up their home as collateral.

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