Highest-paying degrees: what to study

Engineering tops list


If you'd like to make a lot of money when you graduate from college, you might want to study math and science.

That's the conclusion of some new research from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Researchers looked at 2013 Census data to see which degrees lead to the highest-paying jobs. They analyzed 137 college majors. Nine of the top ten degrees were in the engineering field. According to this research, petroleum engineer sits at the top of the list with a median salary of $136,000 a year.

The second highest payoff came from the only non-engineering entry in the top ten: pharmacy. Those graduates earned about $113,000, on average.

Here's the entire Top Ten, according to CNN Money:

1) Petroleum engineering-- $136,000

2) Pharmacy-- $113,000

3) Metallurgical engineering--- $98,000

4) Mining and Mineral engineering-- $97,000

5) Chemical engineering-- $96,000

6) Electrical engineering--- $93,000

7) Aerospace engineering-- $90,000

8) Mechanical engineering--- $87,000

9) Computer engineering-- $87,000

10) Geological/Geophysical engineering-- $87,000