Grills: Should you trade propane for natural gas?

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Eat your iron
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DETROIT – Many of you are probably all fired up about grilling steaks, chicken and burgers this summer. However, if you use a propane grill, that means checking your tank or wondering when you might run out.


"More people are choosing natural gas grilling over propane, really out of the convenience of not having to replace the propane tank," said Angie Hick, found of Angie's list, a website offering crowd-sourced reviews of companies across America.


The experts at Angie's List say you will have to spend money to run a gas line to your grill, but you'll see savings in the long run.


"They want to save money over time. They're making a commitment to their outdoor living space." said grill retailer Russ Green.


The convenience of not having to replace the propane tank also has many people converting their propane grills to natural gas. Angie's List says conversion kits are available for less than $100, but it may be a job best left to professionals.


"The conversion kits you need to actually exchange, not only the gas that's coming from either your propane tank or your gas at home, you have to change every orifice that's going into your burners," said Green.


"In order to have a natural gas line installed for your grill, you need to contact a licensed plumber. You should also ask that plumber to do the conversion of your grill as well," Hicks added. 


Another benefit to natural gas, it burns a little cleaner than propane, which makes it better for the environment. It also reduces exhaust in the air, helping your good taste better.

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