After failed event, Build-A-Bear offers 'Pay Your Age' deal for birthdays

After the chaotic result of Build-A-Bear Workshop's "Pay Your Age Day" last week, the company is trying something different.

Last week's Build-A-Bear event caused mayhem at malls around the country, including malls in Metro Detroit, forcing many stores to close and events to be canceled.

Massive crowds responded to the promotion, and the company responded to the chaos by handing out $15 off coupons. The coupons are available until Aug. 31, and the "Pay Your Age Day" promotion will be available to children on their birthdays.

To be eligible for the birthday deal, you have to join the store's Bonus Club

Somerset and Twelve Oaks were among the malls flooded with parents and children hoping to get a bear for a bargain, but it didn't work. The promotion was too successful to make it available to most of the people who waited in line.

Parents were angry, children were crying and everyone who didn't get the deal was disappointed. CEO Sharon Price John apologized for the disaster Friday morning on the "Today" show.

Is it only on their birthday? When can we participate?
This offer is available any time in the month of their birthday.

Do I need proof of age?
When the birthday child comes into the Workshop, just let us know you’re celebrating a birthday and together we will “count their candles” to let us know how old they are turning. No need to bring in any proof of age or identification.

How old do you have to be? Is there a minimum?
The Count Your Candles offer is for children under 14.

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