Detroit steps in to help tenants of one of worst apartments city inspectors have seen

McNichols Apartments described as deplorable

DETROIT – Tenants of McNichols Apartments are living in one of the worst complexes Detroit city inspectors have seen in years, but they are getting help after speaking up about the deplorable conditions.

The city is holding the owner of the apartments accountable for the filthy, unsafe and dangerous living situation on the west side. Attention was first brought to the problems when a tenant complained about overflowing dumpsters.

That issue was just a small part of what residents deal with.

The trash is piled high, there's broken windows, the buildings are a mess with no sprinklers, no working lights in the halls, no hot water, and even some units without heat or locks on the doors.

"I don't know what to do," one resident, Mark, said. "We've had no lock on this door since about June."

Mark said he's left messages with management when the voicemail box wasn't full, but he hasn't received an answer back.

When confronted on camera, a woman with the management company wouldn't comment on the apartment.


The property owner is facing fines up to $5,000 for the conditions. The property is owned by a Tennessee-based company.

Jessica Parker, with the city of Detroit, said the next step will be to help residents relocate if the property owner doesn't fix the problems.

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