Help Me Hank: Detroit work program participants help clean up tires illegally dumped at house

Dump trucks drop off tires in middle of night

DETROIT – Neighbors concerned about tires illegally dumped at a house in their west side Detroit neighborhood needed help with the issue.

Residents said dump trucks show up in the middle of the night, leaving more and more tires. They said they try to keep their neighborhood nice, but it's hard when someone is dumping trash where they live.

"I've lived here for a while and I've never seen this property look like this," neighbor Myrtis Cheeks said.

Help Me Hank reached out to the city about the piles of tires, but the house wasn't an average blight case. Since the house is privately owned, city workers weren't able to go on the property.

Instead, the work program at Detroit's 36th District Court stepped in to assist. The program gives people who can't afford their court fees and fines the chance to work to pay them off. Men in the program worked for days in the cold and snow to remove the tires.

If you witness illegal dumping in your neighborhood, try to get a license plate number and vehicle description while keeping a safe distance. Report the information to the Improve Detroit app.

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