Help Me Hank: Residents on Detroit's east side dodge dangerous sinkhole

DETROIT – A serious sinkhole situation has been developing on Detroit's east side.

The sinkhole has been there for months and it's a big hazard for the families who have children who play in the area.

Those families called Local 4's Help Me Hank after becoming frustrated with the lack of a response from the city.

The sinkhole is on Manistique Street, near Mack Avenue. 

Glenda Laster is worried about the sinkhole. She said residents in the area have been dodging the hole for months. 

"There's traffic constantly coming through," Laster said.

Local 4 contacted the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. There are two issues holding up the fix: It's not a typical sinkhole, it was caused by a storm drain collapse and fixing the problem involves extra work. Additionally, the contractor hired by the city isn't moving as fast as residents are hoping. 

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