Help Me Hank: Tips to help spot potential health issues when getting new puppy

Be cautious when getting new dog

NOVI, Mich. – When getting a new puppy, being cautious and informed can help you avoid heartbreak.

Jodie Blankenship purchased a dog from the Petland in Novi. Within a couple of weeks, the puppy started showing signs that something was wrong.

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She said she took the dog to a veterinarian and bills started piling up. Then, she got the devastating news that her dog had to be put down because of a problem with his liver.

"They did do the liver test the next morning because he had enough blood in his body by then," Blankenship said. "They did the liver test, and they found out he had a congenital liver disorder."

A veterinarian offered tips to follow before getting a new puppy, including checking how the animal is being cared for and what kind of environment the animal is living in.

Ask for references and health records and talk to people who have gotten dogs from the same store, shelter or breeder.

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