Clawson dry cleaner struggles to stay afloat during coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown

Earl’s Dry Cleaning operating at bare bones level

CLAWSON, Mich. – A Clawson dry cleaner is one of thousands of small businesses fighting to stay afloat during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown.

The owner of the business reached out to Help Me Hank to share his story.

It’s difficult to pinpoint an aspect of life that hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus crisis. Small dry cleaners play a critical role in helping first responders, but some of them are struggling to make ends meet during the shutdown.

UPDATE -- March 26, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases total 2,856; Death toll rises to 60

Dimitri Polychronou, of Earl’s Dry Cleaning, is one of many small business owners struggling right now. His family-owned business is operating at a bare bones level. The staff is gone, but Polychronou keeps it open.

Some dry cleaners, like Polychronou’s, remain open to provide essential help to first responders, and even though times are tight and business is way down, Polychronou said he’s thankful he will likely survive the economic downturn.

Other cleaners might not be as fortunate.

You can hear from Polychronou in Hank Winchester’s video above.

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