Fake skin care products pop up as coronavirus keeps patients away from dermatologists

Dermatologists closed due to COVID-19

DETROIT – Many people in Metro Detroit and around the country are unable to visit their personal dermatologists right now because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Scammers are using that to their advantage.

Fake lotions and potions promising results similar to what you might see in a professional setting are popping up online, and they could damage your skin and cost big money.

Products online promise to erase wrinkles or improve the quality of your skin, and many people are falling for the scams because they can’t see their actual dermatologists during the stay-at-home order.

Dr. Steven Grekin, a dermatologist, said he’s concerned about what he’s seeing online. He’s one of many doctors doing virtual appointments. You can call your own doctor to see what virtual options are available.

Scams will often offer a free trial that turns into a major reoccurring monthly bill you can’t cancel.

To hear more from Grekin and see Hank Winchester’s full story, click on the video posted above.

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