New problem keeps more Michigan residents from getting unemployment checks

Fraud concerns keep Michiganders from getting benefits

DETROIT – A new problem is keeping more Michigan residents from getting their unemployment checks, and this time, it has nothing to do with a computer glitch.

Now, fraud concerns are keeping Michiganders from getting their badly needed benefits.

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Sandy Hurt, a woman who lives in Houston, started receiving benefits from Michigan that she said she never requested.

She received a money card from what appeared to be the Unemployment Insurance Agency, but swiping it could set her up for scammers who would get access to her personal information.

Now an alert is being sent out about the threat of fraudulent activity.

A UIA spokesperson said the fraud threat is causing issues for some people who are still trying to file and collect unemployment claims.

That’s why some accounts have been put on hold as investigations get underway, officials said.

It’s an unfortunate snag affecting a Michigan unemployment system that’s already been riddled with problems.

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