Here are the top 2020 political donation scams and how to spot them

Scammers looking to capitalize on money donated to presidential campaigns

DETROIT – Hundreds of millions of dollars are donated to presidential campaigns, and scammers are trying to capitalize on that opportunity at every turn.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence vs. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the next big political showdown, and scammers are looking to prey on people’s support.

Within the last 24 hours alone, the Biden campaign reported receiving a record number of donations.

The Trump campaign also revealed a huge fundraising effort in June and July, resulting in millions being sent to the Republican National Convention to increase the president’s opportunity to reach voters on various platforms.

But now there’s a new warning from the Better Business Bureau about scammers looking to take your cash.

Here’s what to know if you want to donate:

  • Donate to the candidate’s official website.
  • Beware of fake websites.
  • Be cautious of phone or in-person donations.
  • Use a credit card to donate.

The BBB and Attorney General’s Office have warned about these exams before. Millions of dollars were taken by thieves during the 2016 presidential election, and while FBI agents worked to shut down fake websites, the reality is that now ones popped up almost daily.

You can watch the full Help Me Hank report in the video posted above.

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