Save big on this DIY home security system that detects motion through Wi-Fi waves

This smart home security system is redefining the way people protect their homes. (StackCommerce)

Home security systems are a great way to keep our homes and family safe and they have come a long way over the years. It used to be that there was only a handful of systems available and they were expensive so not everyone could afford to have one.

Today, due to new gadgets being invented almost every day and technology always evolving, homeowners now have a vast sea of affordable home security systems available to them.

What type of systems a homeowner chooses varies from family to family bit if you’re on the hunt for a new and unique DIY home security system, check out the Hex DIY Home Security System (2,000ft²).

This smart home security system is redefining the way people protect their homes. Hex is a wave-based security system that uses the existing WiFi waves in your home to detect motion.

Wi-Fi signals are constantly shooting around in your home, right?

As these waves are shooting around in your house they bounce off of walls and objects in the home, including people and pets. When someone moves, the WiFi pattern changes which creates the waves. Hex senses motion detection by how much the waves are disrupted and will notify you from the app.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the levels too. So if you have a dog or cat that’s roaming around the house while you’re not home, you can adjust the Hex to not go off every time they move.

If a threat is detected the Hex DIY Home Security System will set off a loud siren and an agent immediately texts and calls you to confirm the emergency and makes sure you’re safe. If you confirm there is indeed an emergency or you’re unable to respond, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services to your home App companion.

Featured in Forbes, CNET, Internationa Business Times, MSN, and WIRED the Hex DIY Home Security System (2,000ft²) regularly sells for $169.99 but right now you can get 15% off with code VIP15.

That brings the total cost down to only $144.49 for a limited time.

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