Make your laundry more efficient with these eco-friendly and recyclable ‘eggs’

The laundry egg can replace traditional laundry detergent or pods for 210 washes. (StackCommerce)

Laundry is enough work as it is. From sorting to washing to drying to folding, it can be a daunting chore. Make doing laundry a bit simpler and more eco-friendly with the Ecoegg Bundle for 210 Washes, which includes a laundry egg, dryer egg, and detox tab.

The Ecoegg will increase the efficiency of your laundry system in every sense of the word. The laundry egg can replace traditional laundry detergent or pods for 210 washes. It contains no harmful chemicals, and instead uses mineral pellets that clean and soften fabric. The dryer egg reduces tumble dry time by 28%, softens laundry, and adds a light fragrance. Then, the detox tab deep cleans your washing machine to remove build-up of liquids, powder, or odor.

The Ecoegg set will last you for 210 washes – approximately one year of washing for the average family. You’ll reduce waste from traditional detergent bottles, dryer sheets, and fabric conditioners. And you’ll avoid harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and the environment.

With awards from the Good Housekeeping Institute, Allergy UK, and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, the Ecoegg has been widely recognized for its power to transform how you do laundry. 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon show that individual users are satisfied, too.

This simple, affordable trio will change your perspective on how you clean your clothes. The eggs are cute and functional so they’ll look good in your laundry room and get the job done. Say goodbye to bulky, messy detergent bottles and overpriced, chemical pods. Once you try the Ecoegg bundle, you won’t want to go back to the old way.

For a limited time, the Ecoegg Bundle for 210 Washes: Laundry Egg + Dryer Egg + Detox Tab is on sale for $34.99. Snag this deal to save money, effort, and waste!

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