Save over $400 off this foldable electric bike with this Cyber Monday deal

This electric bike is forged in lightweight, durable magnesium, which means it's actually lighter than most aluminum bikes. (StackCommerce)

Getting around the city on a bike is the perfect way to save money on gas, eliminate public transportation and stay in shape, especially during the warmer months.

Not only that but it also cuts down on the amount of pollution that you’re contributing to the environment. However, some styles of bikes are hard to store, especially if you live in a small apartment or tiny home. That’s where the Honeywell 16″ Dasher Electric Foldable Bike comes in and right now with coupon code CMSAVE20 you can get it for just $1119.96- a savings of over $400.

While this electric bike might look bulkier than your average bike, it is forged in lightweight, durable magnesium which means it’s actually lighter than most aluminum bikes. It weighs in at just 46 pounds and it also features the patented swing arm folding design which makes it super easy to fold up and transport as needed. Another cool thing about the swing arm is that it resists wear and tear so you can fold it as much as you need and it won’t wear down.

If you’re wondering how powerful the Honeywell Dasher Bike is, it’s packed full of power. It can hit speeds of up to 20mph on pedal-assist or throttle with a range of up to 40 miles. With suspension built into both the front & rear of the bike frame, the Dasher offers a smooth ride across city blocks, and the sturdy, responsive 160mm mechanical disc brakes will give you peace of mind when you find yourself in a busy area.

The Dasher also has a nice roomy rear rack for securing things like groceries, books, packages, and even your lunch.

If you’ve always wanted an electric bike but didn’t think you had the storage space for one, the Honeywell Dasher Electric Foldable Bike might be the perfect choice for you and since it’s included in our Cyber Monday deal, you can get it at a great price.

Use code CMSAVE20 at checkout and get it for only $1119.96 (reg. $1599).

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