All 3 counties approve Detroit Institute of Arts millage renewal

Results for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties


Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties voted to approve a millage renewal for the Detroit Institute of Arts on March 10, 2020.

The renewal passed with overwhelming support in all three counties.

The millage was first approved by voters in August 2012, which included a 0.2 millage (property tax) to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA entered into service agreements with each county’s Art Authority to provide these benefits to county residents:

  • Free unlimited general museum admission
  • Discounted special exhibition tickets
  • Free school field trips with free bus transportation
  • Free group visits for seniors on Thursdays, with exclusive programs, and free bus transportation
  • Expanded teacher professional development programs
  • Curriculum development with school systems
  • Expanded community partnerships

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