Election lawsuits pending in Detroit days before Electoral College deadline

‘Few lawsuits breathe more lies than this one,’ Detroit city officials say

Election lawsuits filed by President Trump and his campaign are still pending in Detroit more than a month after the presidential election.

DETROIT – President Donald Trump is set to hold a rally Saturday in Georgia in support of Republicans in January’s Senate runoff elections.

The rally comes hours after Trump called Gov. Brian Kemp and requested a special legislative session aimed at overturning President-Elect Joe Biden’s win in Georgia.

Kemp reportedly told the president he did not have the authority and denied the request.

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It’s been more than a month since the 2020 U.S. General Election and, despite the results being made official, fights are still going on even though election officials said the cases don’t stand a chance in court.

The Electoral College deadline is Tuesday and Detroit city officials are still fending off challenges in court.

Trump supporters are asking a judge in Wayne County to order an audit of the count in Detroit’s TCF Center, but there are a few problems -- including those supporters asking for an audit of the election on Nov. 3, the day before the election.

The call for an audit has been denied by the state Supreme Court and, as the Michigan Democratic Party points out in a separate filing, the case is no longer active after the same court said the case for fraud in Detroit lacked credibility.

There’s the case in federal court from one-time Trump lawyer Sidney Powell. That case leaning on the greatest hits of fraud allegations, including nonexistent double-counted ballots, pre-dated voter birthdays, a lack of GOP challengers and a conspiracy masterminded in Venezuela.

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In another example, a self-described cybersecurity expert attempted to prove fraud in Michigan’s Edison County. There is no Edison County in Michigan and also there is no Edison County in the entire United States.

Officials with the city of Detroit issued a response that read in part, “Few lawsuits breathe more lies than this one. The allegations are little more than fevered rantings of conspiracy theorists built on the work of other conspiracy theorists. [...] It is difficult to know whether plaintiffs and their counsel actually believe any of the ridiculous claims they allege or whether this entire lawsuit is designed solely as a fundraising exercise, a talking point.”

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Election experts believe both lawsuits are likely worthless.

“Peppered with so-called expert affidavits and studies. None of them have any academic acclaim,” said Detroit Election advisor Chris Thomas. “And all of them poorly done, and have very little value. They have no merit.”

Evidence? Hearsay? Voter fraud claims in affidavits, explained

While no hard evidence has been discovered to support widespread voter fraud claims in the 2020 election, plenty of people have signed their name to sworn testimony.

Since the November election was called for Joe Biden, President Trump and his legal team have been filing countless lawsuits alleging wild scenarios of voter fraud and corruption -- basically using sworn affidavits as their main source of evidence. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has targeted Detroit in recent weeks, despite there being no evidence of fraud in the city.


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