Mayor announces college tuition program for Detroit high school graduates

'Detroit Promise' paid for with city property taxes

DETROIT – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced Tuesday all Detroit high school graduates will receive two years of tuition at a community college. 

The city of Detroit has created the "Detroit Promise," which is a permanent funding source to make sure Detroit students have access to a tuition-free, two-year community college education. 

"We are making a promise to every single student who graduates from a high school in Detroit," said Duggan. 

The mayor said a part of the city's property taxes will be set aside for the tuition fund. He said the leader of the Detroit Regional Chamber (DRC) started putting the money aside in 2013 after state legislation was passed in 2008 to allow such programs. 

"Think of it in terms of what it means for our economy," said DRC CEO Sandy Baruah. "Think of any house that has a for-sale sign in front of it in the city of Detroit, and think of a sign right next to it that says this house comes with 2 years of college guaranteed for your child. Do you think that will help repopulate the city of Detroit?" said Baruah.