Drew and Mike: 'We've been dropped!'

Popular Detroit radio hosts respond to being replaced on 101-WRIF

DETROIT – For the first time since the news broke that radio personalities Drew and Mike of 101 - WRIF will be replaced later this month, the duo has spoken out about their leaving.

During Thursday morning's broadcast they opened the 6:00 a.m. hour by reading newspaper headlines. "We've been dropped," Drew said, "Dropped. Man, I can just hear an anvil slam into the ground."

Drew went on to say later, "It is May 9th, Thursday morning and we have just seven days left."

In a statement, Greater Media Detroit said Drew Lane and Mike Clark's last broadcast will be May 17. They'll take calls from listeners and past on-air contributors. The show has been on the air for the past 22 years.

The station wouldn't say why the duo was being replaced. "We decided at this time it was best to make a change," said Market Manager Steve Chessare.

Local 4 first reported Drew and Mike's leaving on Wednesday. They'll be replaced by former 89X duo Dave and Chuck the Freak.

Dave and Chuck posted on their website Thursday morning:

Well, where do we start? To say we have been overwhelmed by your support and messages would be a massive understatement. Chuck, Lisa and I have been amazed at how many of you wanted to share how much our show was a part of your lives. For that, we truly thank you! As for what's ahead, that's the tricky part. We are not intentionally avoiding comment; the simple fact is we can't comment on ANYTHING. As soon as we can share some info, we promise you all will be the first to know. We'll do that through .

Dave and Chuck's facebook page was full of comments from listeners including:

"Glad to hear your staying in the D boys!"

"Yea...life is once again back to normal."

"i knew it... drew and mike are leaving and your stepping in!"

"your the wrif, i like drew and mike they were my subsitute for you guys for the last 6 months, i misseed you"

"Dave and Chuck the Freak on 101.1 WRIF"....sounds crazy! Definatly bitter sweet. I think Drew and Mike were certainly ready to retire while things were good....wishing Dave and Chuck (and Lisa) AND Drew and Mike (and Trudy) the best of luck with everything. Bitter sweet for sure. ?"

"Good luck you guys! I'm looking forward to listening again. I hope the WRIF gives you enough freedom to do and say what you want to make it a funny and entertaining show."

Dave and Chuck the Freak have been under a non-compete agreement since their exit from 89X in November.

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