The Palace of Auburn Hills holds final event

Bob Seger became last headlining act when he took stage Saturday night

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Thousands said goodbye to The Palace in style as the 29-year-old arena held its last event ever.

Detroit's own Bob Seger became the last headlining act when he took the stage Saturday night.

The Palace opened in 1988. There's been some renovations over the years, and it still feels like a world-class venue.

From the lot to the lights, not to mention the lines, folks came out to hear some classic rock 'n' roll, but they also know this is last time anyone will stroll into the famous venue.

"Let me just do my heart because this place has been around forever," Bonnie Jesse said. "Bob Seger has been around forever. What a great place."

After 29 great years, Seger becomes the final voice to echo the halls of the iconic Palace.

"It's sad in a way, but spectacular also. Probably the last time I'll see Seger, so it's double for me," Roger Garrett said. "It's the tradition. It's ending. There's been a lot of wonderful things happen here, but it's all good moving downtown too."

Folks are wishing on a star that the structure doesn't get demolished.

"I hope so. I really hope so," Jeannie Thayer said. "It's spread a lot of joy for a lot of people for many years."

Coming to the Palace one last time brings back all the memories.

"The Motown event that was here the one year, Kool in the Gang," Jesse said. "Everybody has played here."

"But tonight it's all about rocking out?" Local 4 News' Jermont Terry asked.

"You got it. One last time," Garrett said.

As Seger rocks out knowing on this night, he is literally shutting down the house.

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