Check this out: Pop Culture Detective

This YouTube channel goes deeper into the philosophy of the pop culture we love


When I watched "Tron Legacy" back in 2010 something seemed off about Quorra, the love interest and sidekick of the hero. It was hard to say exactly why but that relationship just seemed creepy. I didn't have the words to express why I felt this way, until I saw the "Pop Culture Detective" with host Jonathan McIntosh.

This channel is fascinating because it breaks down plot holes, flaws from the process of rewrites, and many other aspects of filmmaking that we tend not to-- but absolutely should- think about. The YouTube channel deals with all of these ideas in a way that also shows a love for both the subject matter and franchises being discussed.

It feels so good to watch episodes of Pop Culture Detective because not only to we get to learn something, but we get to revisit the movies and TV shows that we love. Take, for example, the handling of the Jedi in "The Case Against the Jedi Order".

Although the Pop Culture Detective is making a case against seeing the Jedi as purely the heroes of their story, he clearly loves Star Wars enough to get the details right.

If you have 20 minutes, we recommend you check out Pop Culture Detective on YouTube. If you're inclined to make movies yourself , consider visiting Film Challenge Detroit ! You can see winners from 2017 before this year's challenge begins !

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