Bruce Campbell Week: 'Burn Notice'

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It's Bruce Campbell week at 1d4, where we will count down our favorite roles of the iconic Royal Oak actor, producer, writer, director and comedian as we approach his birthday on Friday. He will turn 60-years-old.

Today, Dane will cover one of his favorite Bruce Campbell roles: 

"Burn Notice"

There was a number of reasons to watch this fun espionage series that ran for seven seasons (and a movie).

Almost all of those reasons are Bruce Campbell.

The plot of the series focused on a secret agent who was disavowed by the U.S. government. Using MacGuyver styled lifehacks and elbow grease, Michael Westen would continually convince people to kill people for him. Which was weird, because is it morally better if you aren't the one pulling the trigger? You're still the reason people are getting killed, Michael. Is that better? 

Bruce Campbell played Sam Axe, an older retired Navy Seal who assists Michael by sleeping around with women in Miami. He also has a large list of contacts that actually helps Michael, but really he just sleeps with women.

If you ever wanted to see James Bond written for Bruce Campbell, Sam Axe is the closest thing to it. 

The movie spin-off focused on Bruce Campbell and why he was pushed into retirement. It's not a great movie, but it's more charming Bruce Campbell, and no one will ever complain about that.

What I will complain about, however, is that it's not morally better to get people to kill people for you. If you hire a hitman, you still get arrested. You're still the reason that person is dead. That's not better, Michael. It's not.

Check back tomorrow for our write up on the Evil Dead franchise!