1d4 Friends - Jon St John on cons

Hail to the king, baby

This week, we're talking with voice actors. Check out 1d4 for conversations with Billy West , Todd Haberkorn , Bryan Massey , Eric Stuart, and Jon St. John .

Was I nervous for this interview? Oh my yes. Was Jon St. John an absolute peach about it? Yes indeed he was.

The reason I was nervous is that I- and most people my age- have been hearing this guy's voice since we were kids. He's multiple characters in "Half Life" and "Twisted Metal", he's been bosses in "Sonic" games, and most famously this is the voice of Duke Nukem.

Yep, 1d4 got to talk to the king, baby!

Although he's famous for playing rough characters, Jon St. John is a sweet guy in person. He's humble, and happy to interact with fans. Beyond that; he's comfortable with his history of playing Duke Nukem, and loves to crack wise accordingly.

He also played one round of a role playing game with us, which we'll be releasing later this week in a joint adventure with Billy West, Todd Haberkorn, Bryan Massey, and Eric Stuart. He only played for one round, but he chose to play as Duke Nukem himself; and one round is all Duke needs!