One Minute Reviews: 'The Signal from Tolva'

A rough Far Cry mod


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I defy you to be the second person in human history to find a way to make a robot gang war boring. After having seen it done in "The Signal from Tolva" I see how difficult that is to pull off, but by God they found a way.

In this sci-fi sandbox FPS you take control of a robot who is orbiting the planet Tolva in a spaceship. That robot in turn takes control of scout robots, from where you experience the majority of the game. These scout robots can be outfitted with guns, and you use those guns to take over enemy bases. For taking over bases you get better versions of these guns, and sometimes you are prompted to climb a high object for a small reward.

If this sounds like Far Cry with robots, that's because it's Far Cry with robots. Normally I would not mind such a blatant game of copy cat but they haven't added anything. There's so little to discover, so little personallity, that I find myself not caring if the yellow robots or the red robots control a particular base. Far Cry gives you big, loud villains and a world full of personality to inspire you to keep going. This game however, I only stuck with long after boredom set in because I'm a gosh darn professional.

I quit playing at 80% completion.

Now, here's where I have to give some credit; they did a darn fine job of making technology feel like mysticism. At one point I came across a base with teleporting walls that were only visible through infrared vision, which you have but must turn on to use. I didn't think to turn it on because there was no indication you had been teleported until the same three or four room seemed to go on forever, with the entrance no longer where it once was. That was a genuinely creepy experience, and I have to give TSFT props there.


  • Great weapon design
  • Boring story
  • Tedious gameplay
  • Only buy if it's heavily discounted