Where to find gifts for the nerd you love

Check out our suggestions on where to buy gifts for your nerd for the holidays

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It's the holiday season, so it's typically expected for you to get gifts. What if you have no clue what to get for that nerd in your life? 

I'm here to save you. As an expert on finding nerdy things to buy for myself (and spending money) I can tell you the places I look for all the things that my nerdy friends and I like. Here are some suggestions on where to get gifts for these awesome people in your life.

1. Think Geek

ThinkGeek is one of the first places I discovered when I was looking for nerdy things. I mean, with a name like ThinkGeek, it's pretty easy to guess their target audience. On top of t-shirts and collectibles, they also have a wide variety of other products that are nerdy in nature. If you're an adult that doesn't want to take themselves too seriously, you can get an R2-D2 Coffee Press. They have an entire Home and Office section, so your nerd can still let their nerd-flag fly well into adulthood. 

2. Hot Topic

When my coworker saw this, he doubted me. Silly fool.

*Editor's note: You'll rue this day, McAlpine!

Although Hot Topic might have a reputation of catering to the goth crowd, this place has so much more. I had said coworker throw out random nerdy things to prove my point. Dungeons and Dragons? They have it.  "Yu Yu Hakusho"? They have it. Hot Topic has a lot, so if you're lost as to where to find something from a particular fandom, try finding it here. 

3. Look Human

If you have a nerd who is a lover of jokes, puns, and statement pieces, Look Human has you covered. A lot of stuff is for your nerd that has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to hide who they are. The vast majority of the products have some sort of message to them, and some of those messages are ones that everyone can relate to

4. Amazon

It's Amazon. That's really all I'm going to say. Amazon has everything.


5. Honorable Mentions

The following are a bit more specific, as you won't find gifts for every kind of nerd in  your life. If you're looking for websites with a very specific nerdographic in mind, here are some suggestions on where to go.

*Editor's Note: I tried to get her not to use the word "nerdographic," but getting McAlpine to change her mind is harder than putting a bobcat in a bathtub!

**Author's Note: Oh my God, is that why you were chasing me around with a bobcat costume!?


Kraken Dice: This for your Dungeons and Dragons buddy that needs some new dice (and these dice are super fancy).

Game Stop: Go online or in store for your gamer friend who never comes outside anymore.

Epic Cosplay: This is for your friend who cosplays on a regular basis at conventions. They most likely need a new wig, as party-store wigs don't always look fabulous.

Pandemonium Games and Hobbies: The very place where our podcast's Game Master buys his gaming supplies!


Where do  you get your nerdy gear? On top of helping others with their holiday lists, you'll also give me a new place to spend all my money. Comment below, and stay tuned for another 1d4 article on EVEN MORE places to get nerdy things.