Classic Rock Bracket: Jason Carr explains his methodology

I know that I have done my job as a one-man selection committee (self-appointed) in assigning seeds to all of these legendary classic rockers.

I know this because of the sound and fury that erupted in the newsroom as word leaked out that this was "A Thing We Are Doing." Cordial colleagues and good friends alike then saw the regions on paper and promptly freaked the blank out.

Classic Rock Bracket: See and vote in the bracket tournament here

“Boston?! A ONE SEED?!!! Are you on drugs?”

“Why is Bob Seger a THIRTEEN SEED?!!! Are you on drugs?”

“Where is my obscure favorite one-hit wonder band only I know about?! Are you on drugs?”

Just as one named example, Jason Colthorp went into full Dick Vitale mode geeking out over the tournament field—when he wasn’t unironically criticizing my seedings every 30 seconds.

The passion in his protests and the smile on his face, and his willingness to waste 15 minutes of our workday, means I have done my job trolling you all by seeding Boston so high and Seger so low.

Not only that, but I cooked these brackets off the top of my head in about 20 minutes. Slights and oversights no doubt happened…and we don’t care. Sloppy and shady at the same time. All the better to get you riled up.

However, as you will see once this thing starts, the seeds are just numbers that mean nothing when two of your favorite bands or artists ever are suddenly matched up in the third round.

One of them has got to go home, and it’s your choice to make. Have fun living with the guilt and shame that you actually prefer one legend over another but never realized it. Until now.

All My Best,

Jason Carr
Host/Anchor/Former Classic Rock Radio DJ  

Classic Rock Bracket: See and vote in the bracket tournament here