There was almost a '30 Rock' spinoff with Alec Baldwin

"We want to go to there"

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin almost reprised his iconic "30 Rock" role of Jack Donaghey for a new TV show where Jack leaves the corporate world to become the mayor of New York City, but he ended up backing out before the idea became an actual show. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tina Fey was in talks with Baldwin to work on a "30 Rock" spinoff that featured Donaghey's new life as mayor of NYC. The show was going to be a part of Comcast's new streaming service. 

After Baldwin backed out (and crushed the dreams of "30 Rock" fans everywhere), Fey retooled the script, alongside frequent collaborator Robert Carlock, for Ted Danson. The result is a similar show that takes place in Los Angeles instead of New York City, and has no connection to "30 Rock." 

Danson will play a wealthy businessman who runs for mayor of Los Angeles "for all the wrong reasons."

While we're so excited to see Fey team up with such a legend like Danson, the idea of a spinoff series of one of NBC's most acclaimed shows isn't such a bad idea. TV reboots are more popular than ever, and fans would love a check-in with Liz Lemon. 

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