Someone put kiwi on a pizza and we can’t unsee it

This is not OK, y’all

Kiwi, which is not an appropriate pizza topping. (Photo via Pexels.)

There are things that are sacred in this world, and one of those things is pizza -- and the toppings we choose to put on that pizza.

That’s why we’re sorry to report that some pretty sacred trust has been broken after a Twitter user posted a very large pizza covered with -- and I can’t believe I’m even typing this! -- kiwi.

Now before you go and say, “Well, some people like pineapple on their pizza,” let’s just understand that pineapple is known for making its way into savory dishes like sweet and sour chicken at your favorite Chinese restaurant, or in a classic Hawaiian pizza.

Pineapple on a Hawaiian pizza works so well because the sweet flavor of the pineapple pairs so perfectly with the saltiness that comes from the ham, but let’s make another thing clear: Pineapple is not the same thing as kiwi.

Kiwi may be sweet, but when was the last time you heard of kiwi getting incorporated into a savory dish, let alone being used as topping on an innocent pizza that didn’t ask for any of this nonsense?

The photo of the kiwi pizza was tweeted out in January and it went viral immediately -- with most people equally (or if not more) grossed out by this flavor combination.

People compared it to a petri dish, called it a “travesty” and blamed pineapple on pizza for this cooking crime.

Let’s just hope this was a one-off experimentation and kiwi pizza doesn’t start showing up at our favorite pizza chains.

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