Money raised through viral ‘Big Gretch’ put back into Detroit

GmacCash's song about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has gotten so popular, he's using it to give back to the community.

DETROIT – A local rapper’s song about Governor Whitmer has gotten so popular, he’s using it to give back to the community, through the song ‘Big Gretch’. GMac Cash raised money to buy the Governor new glasses, but when she wouldn’t accept them, he put the money to good use.

“We all we got. If we don’t take care of each other, who is going to take care of us?” said GMac Cash.

Detroit Rapper GMac Cash said the answer to that question is simple. The people of Detroit will take care of the people in Detroit. That was displayed Saturday morning. GMac Cash and New Era Detroit teamed up and surprised families with much needed food and supplies, “ It was great man, we donated some food to over 100 families, we donated masks, and utensils to over 100 families, it was a good day. They didn’t expect it, they know anything about it, so that made it even better” said Gmac Cash.

GMac Cash said all of this was made possible by the people of Detroit. Local 4’s Larry Spruill recently interviewed GMac Cash after he made a video thanking Governor Gretchen Whitmer on how she’s handling the Coronavirus situation. He even raised money to buy Governor Whitmer her own pair of Cartier or ‘Buff’ glasses, “It was up to $3,0000 in 24 hours,” said GMac.

But the Governor’s office said, they couldn’t accept the glasses and wanted GMac Cash to use the money raised to help out the community. And so he did, “To actually do that and give it back to the community, it’s a blessing. I’m just thankful, I was able to pull it off.”

Hear the song below (NOTE: There is explicit language):