A deeper look at ‘Holiday Ride,’ Chevy’s emotional commercial

American mainstream brand takes everyone on teary-eyed journey

Here's what went into Chevy's emotional new advertisement.

CALIFORNIA – People are fighting back the tears thanks to the new TV ad produced by Chevrolet.

The car company’s latest commercial, “Holiday Ride,” has everyone feeling sentimental.

Holiday Ride shows a widower placing a Christmas wreath on his family pole barn. While doing so, the man, accompanied by his dog, sees his late wife’s 1966 Chevy Impala. As he and the dog take a seat, he notices his late wife’s picture hanging from the rearview mirror, which gets him to reminisce about the good times they once shared.

As the father wipes away the tears of joy, their daughter emerges from the barn and comes up with an inspirational plan.

“It’s been hard with dad these days, so I was thinking maybe,” said the daughter who gets answered by her father’s car buddies, “Your mom’s car?”

“She taught me to drive in that car,” said the daughter.

She gets the old pals to rebuild her mom’s convertible without her father noticing until he goes in for another wreath change a year later. The teary-eyed father and his dog sit in the car in disbelief. He stares at the picture of his late wife once again as he gets behind the wheel.

The commercial started running in 30 and 60 seconds spots in movie theaters and during the break in the action of football games in December. The four-minute extended version on the companies website is garnering all the attention this holiday season.

“We felt that this was an appropriate time to kind of make a statement about what Chevrolet really means, and so many folks and I think we’ve obviously touched on the right sentiment,” said Chevy Marketing Vice President Steve Majoras. “It’s really well done. Quite extraordinary.”

Auto Extremist Peter Delorenzo believes the ad agency for Chevy has connected the brand with relatable emotion.

“It also goes to re-establish Chevrolet as America’s mainstream brand, and I think sometimes they’ve lost their way over the years, recently,” Delorenzo said. “But I think this is getting back to where they need to be.”

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