Survey: Gift exchange ranks as most hated holiday tradition

1,003 adults casted their vote of what they dislike about the holidays

(Pixabay, Pixabay 2022)

To quote Paul McCartney, “The party’s on, the feeling’s here, that only comes this time of year.”

But not everyone feels the same about the holiday season as Sir McCartney. In fact, The Vacationer hosted an anonymous survey asking 1,003 adults what holiday traditions they dislike the most.

The biggest takeaway was the three holiday traditions that were the most disliked by the surveyed group.

Below are the top three most disliked traditions:

  1. A Gift Exchange
  2. Attending a Religious Service
  3. Caroling or Singing

Besides the top three hated Christmas traditions, many voted on nine other options. 29.11% of submitted surveys selected the “none of these, I like them all” choice.

Tell us in the comments below what is your least favorite holiday tradition!

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