Michigan’s most haunted: Botsford Inn

DETROITEditors note: The special Haunted Legends of Old Detroit originally aired on WDIV in 1996.

The Botsford Inn, in Farmington, built in 1836, was the romantic rendezvous where Henry Ford met his wife Clara.

The beautiful ballroom upstairs provided the couple with countless hours of enjoyment.

After Clara's death, staff began reporting odd occurrences in the restaurant and the ballroom.

Owner at the time, Creon Smith, detailed some of the reports.

"There had been times the staff would set the room for a wedding, and it would be set for the next day. They would come in, and all the cups would be turned upside down. Or all the silverware would be reversed. Or all the chairs would be back from the table," Smith said.

"There would be times where we'd need to get in and out of a room for a function, and we literally can't get the door open - and there's nobody in the room. We'd walk away, hear the latch - and it would open," Smith said.

Smith also detailed an account of a man seeing a white cloud on a stairway, pushing him down.

The lights were also known to turn off and on without the switches moving.

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