How 'money smart' are you?

Money Smart Week helps you better manage your money

Are you smart with your cash? (WDIV)
Are you smart with your cash? (WDIV) (Photo from Pexels)

DETROIT – Most of us could be smarter with our money -- and that is what a fun week of events is all about.

It’s appropriately named “Money Smart Week.” All this week, you can find presentations by community groups, financial institutions, education organizations and financial experts for you to pick up some easy tips on how to better manage your money.

One of the fun focuses is on kids and helping them have fun while learning about money habits designed to stick with them for life.

How about a fun run focused on managing your money?

Next Saturday you can take part in a 5K run and walk and a 100-yard dash for kids at Bloomfield High School.

Take part in dozens of local events, such as “Drowning in Debt, when to tread water and when to ask for help” April 23 at Oakland County Michigan Works in Oak Park or the Money Smart Kids Magic Show April 21 at the Southfield Public Library.

There is truly a money event for everyone.

You can learn more about Money Smart Week in the conversation with Kelly Masters below:

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