Southfield mother creates small business with homemade body butter that helped daughter's eczema

Jasmine Matheney makes Brooklyn Body Butter

A Southfield mother created Brooklyn Body Butter while searching for a solution for her daughter's eczema. (WDIV)

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Jasmine Matheney solved her daughter’s eczema problem and turned her solution into a small business.

Matheney took her 2-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, to the doctor because she was suffering from a severe case of the skin problem but Matheney said the prescriptions she was given seemed to just sit on top of the eczema and not clear up the problem quickly at all.

Her mother suggested using shea butter, but Matheney thought the consistency was too stiff and some people aren’t in love with the smell of it.

In her kitchen in Southfield, out came her mixer and in came the solution and an idea.

Matheney whipped the shea butter into a smoother consistency. She went on YouTube to watch videos of other people working with shea butter. Then, she started adding all-natural oils to add incredible scents to the butter.

Now, she’s whipping up and packaging 300 jars of Brooklyn Body Butter and she’s selling those jars each and every week.

The aha moment for her was when she gave her mother, a hairdresser, some of her kitchen-mixed butter. Her mother said her customers were raving about using it on their hair. Matheney thought at that point that she had a business.

Today, Matheney is keeping Brooklyn Body Butter small. Her family helps her package and ship the product.

She’ll be selling her butter in new locations this summer, so look out for her.

Right now, you can find the butter online and at The Pink Elephant shop in Southfield.

Way to go, mom!

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