From the Vault: 1998 Ford Motor Company stock footage

Here is 1998 stock footage of Ford Motor Company, including the automaker's North American products from that year.

You’re going to have to a be a real automotive nerd to appreciate this.

Or maybe you work for Ford Motor Company and helped engineer/design/build these vehicles back in the 1990s.

Either way, here it is: 1998 stock footage of Ford Motor Company, including the automaker's North American products from that year.

Here’s what’s on the video:

  • Footage of Henry Ford II World Center in Dearborn
  • A look at the "New Ford Dealership" design in 1998 -- Kings Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio

1998 Fords

  • Escort ZX2
  • Escort
  • Contour
  • Mustang
  • Taurus
  • Crown Victoria
  • Explorer
  • Expedition
  • Ranger
  • F-150
  • Windstar
  • Econoline

1998 Lincolns

  • Navigator
  • Town Car
  • Continental
  • Mark VIII

1998 Mercurys

  • Tracer
  • Mercury Mystique
  • Sable
  • Grand Marquis
  • Mountaineer
  • Villager


The video then gives us a look at an array of Ford's North American manufacturing operations including:

  • Expedition and Navigator manufacturing at Michigan Truck Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.
  • Escort and Tracer manufacturing at Wayne Stamping and Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.
  • Explorer manufacturing at St. Louis Assembly Plant in Hazelwood, Missouri
  • F-150 manufacturing at Norfolk Assembly Plant in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Taurus and Sable manufacturing in Hapeville, Georgia
  • 4.6 liter and V-8 engines manufacturing at Romeo Engine Plant in Romeo, Mich.

Automotive safety segments

  • Ford and the Children's Television Workshop teamed up with "Sesame Street" to teach kids about auto safety. It's pretty interesting to watch what they were teaching kids back in 1997-98.
  • Second generation (depowered) air bags segment
  • SecuriLock anti-theft device segment
  • SecuriTire, which allows a driver to go an additional 50 miles if a tire goes flat, segment
  • Lincoln Rescu -- Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit

Historical footage

  • The original Quadricycle with Henry Ford himself and his wife Clara. Wow, this is a nice little bonus piece thrown in here.
  • Then there is some vintage footage of a plant.

Virtual factory

  • Finally, there is a demonstration of Ford's "high tech" computer simulations and more.


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