Eating an orange in the shower is a surprisingly fantastic way to start your day

We’re serious

An orange (Delphine Hourlay/Pexels stock image)

You might have been a little confused when you read the headline of this story -- or had some questions -- but just ask author Drew Philp about how incredible it is to eat an orange in the shower right after you wake up.

Philp isn’t even sure where he read this bizarrely helpful advice (he thinks Men’s Health), but he said it is “a pure little moment of absolute, sensual, wonder and joy first thing in the morning, right when you get up and have to face the day.”

He told Zak Rosen about the morning ritual on “The Best Advice Show” podcast.

On a day when he might need some extra pep in his step, he’ll grab a cold orange from the fridge and take it in the shower to peel and eat.

The combination of a hot shower and the juicy orange make a great start to your day.

You can listen to the episode of “The Best Advice Show” below.

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