Self-care doesn’t have to mean candles or bubble baths: Think about what the term might mean to you

A person writing (Lisa Fotios/Pexels stock image)

“Self-care” is a term that’s thrown around a lot, said a recent guest on “The Best Advice Show.”

But what is self-care, really? Or what might it mean to you?

Camilla Lizundia finds the term “too all-encompassing and buzzwordy,” she told podcast host Zak Rosen. [Listen to the full episode below].

For Lizundia, self-care doesn’t mean bubble baths or candles.

Lizundia, a poet and recent graduate of the University of Michigan, said her version of self-care is creating something every day: feelings, art, or more specifically, four-line poems.

But maybe poems aren’t your thing.

Just know that self-care might help us get through this strange 2020 -- and it might make all the difference if you find out how the term can translate in your life. Does it mean reading? Unwinding before bed? Going on walks?

Focus on whatever it is that helps you survive.

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