This simple ‘weathering the weather’ tip just might change how you view the forecast

You might even start to look forward to a little rain

Rain (Bibhukalyan Acharya/Pexels stock photo)

Do you ever intend to get outside, only to be stopped by the rain?

Dave Leins, a recent guest on “The Best Advice Show,” understands what that’s like. He used to be apprehensive about going outside in the rain, and admitted to podcast host Zak Rosen that usually, it doesn’t seem fun to venture out when the weather is drizzly.

But he and his girlfriend decided, even before COVID-19 arrived in the United States, maybe it’s time for a new approach: Walking in the rain might be fun.

Here’s what you should do, if you want to follow suit and try this simple advice: Dress appropriately, decide it’s OK to get a little wet, come home and then take a hot shower, Leins said.

And it’s going to feel so much better to relax once you’ve already been outside.

Plus, you won’t have the weather to complain about. Once you’re past it, you can even start to look forward to the rain.

Especially now that most people have been inside more than ever these past few months, considering the coronavirus, we thought it might be a helpful reminder: If you’re feeling cooped up, there’s no reason to let a little rain stop you! Get out for that walk, rain or no rain.

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