Post Office confessional: ‘Mail delivery here has been poor for years'

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The following is a response to ClickOnDetroit’s callout for recent experiences with the Post Office. Share yours below.

“Mail delivery in the 48114 ZIP code has been poor for years. Mostly, the poor service was when the regular mail carrier was off. The substitute carriers were VERY BAD. I received my neighbors’ mail: bills, paychecks, invitations, medication, and junk. I called the postmaster and was told I needed to call every time a mis-delivery occurred. Eventually, my neighborhood received a new regular carrier and I received less mail: my tax documents, magazines, and Meijer coupons. I went exactly one year without delivery of the Meijer coupons. I was told by the postmaster to just call the magazine publisher and request a re-send of the missing copy. (I don’t think I should have to do this.) My new neighbor (since December 2019) mentioned to me that he feels we have poor mail service. My latest ordeal was not receiving my new credit card. I received an email from my credit card company letting me know they were sending a new card to replace the one that was expiring. A month went by, so I called to ask when it would be sent. I was told it had just been sent and I should see it between 5 and 10 days ‘because of the situation with the coronavirus.’ I said I had terrible mail service, what should I do if I don’t receive it? I was advised to report it as stolen. On Day 15, I filled out a complaint online with the Post Office’s website. I was told they would start an investigation and keep me updated. On Day 17, I reported it stolen. The Post Office never kept me updated, but did deliver it on Day 19 -- still without any follow up. I do appreciate the media coverage. The Post Office shouldn’t be allowed to raise rates if they can’t fulfill the public’s needs (and physical mailing has been down for years).”

-- Anonymous (ZIP: 48114)

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Post Office confessionals: Share yours

A national spotlight has been shone on the United State Postal Service as the agency recently warned 46 states that mail-in ballots may not be returned in time for the November election -- even if they are mailed on time -- amid delayed and reduced services caused by a lack of federal funding.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has announced that he was suspending certain changes until after the fall election while complaints about the mail have been piling up for weeks.

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