Post Office confessional: ‘Our packages are up over 51% and we have half the workforce, do the math!’

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A Postal Service worker delivers mail to a box in this undated file image. (KPRC)

The following are responses to ClickOnDetroit’s callout for recent experiences with the Post Office. Share yours below.

“I have informed delivery and love it. I don’t always get the mail that they inform me of. Sometimes a day or two later -- don’t get my mail for a day or two, very annoying. I don’t get mail now until about 4-6 p.m. ... when I get it. USPS has changed 1,000% in the years. I remember when our mailman was here everyday at the same time, give or take a few minutes. Good luck with mailed-in ballets. I know they work very hard and I thank them for that. I’m sure that they are shorthanded -- something needs to change or be fixed.”

-- Anonymous in Dearborn (ZIP: 48126)

“The mail is now delivered after 6:30 every night. I was on a walk last night and there was a mail truck delivering mail after 8:00 pm, very troubling.”

-- Anonymous in Troy (ZIP: 48098)

“We have very sporadic mail delivery now. Even though we are more rural, we used to get timely mail. It took over 4 months for a package to be delivered Priority from New Jersey to my house. I overnighted a check to roll over a 403(b), which took 5 days to be delivered. Many packages have been lost by USPS. Workers at our local office are extremely rude. Absolutely no faith in USPS any more. I’ll be using UPS or FedEx to send items.”

-- Anonymous in St. Clair Township (ZIP: 48079)

“I have worked at the post office for almost 35 years. I have seen a lot within those years. What I want people to understand is that Covid hit the post office, too. Everybody seems to be complaining about a delayed package that’s been sitting somewhere for a long time. I would just like to say that half of our work force has been dealing with Covid issues themselves. Our packages are up over 51% and we have half the workforce, do the math! The post office has been in business for over 200 years and handles over 1 million pieces of mail every day. Please be patient, you will get your stuff.”

-- Anonymous in Clawson (ZIP: 48017)

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Post Office confessionals: Share yours

A national spotlight has been shone on the United State Postal Service as the agency recently warned 46 states that mail-in ballots may not be returned in time for the November election -- even if they are mailed on time -- amid delayed and reduced services caused by a lack of federal funding.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has announced that he was suspending certain changes until after the fall election while complaints about the mail have been piling up for weeks.

We want to hear what you’re experiencing. Have you experienced a delay with your mail -- either sending or receiving it? Has a loved one not received his or her medicine through the mail on time? Have you missed a bill payment because you did not receive the mail on time?

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