Halloween thoughts, concerns, plans: Here’s what you said

Kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween. (Pexels)

We asked ClickOnDetroit Insider members for thoughts about Halloween festivities this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the thoughtful comments we received:

“My littles are still young. We usually go trick-or-treating at the homes of a few close friends. We will continue to do Halloween that way. It’s safer than going through neighborhoods.” -- Annette in Novi

“I sure hope people participate, especially this year -- the kids really need this. They have been locked down for so long. Staying safe is a priority, keep distance, people passing candy, wear masks and gloves, etc.” -- Anthony in Huron Township

“I plan to celebrate Halloween no differently. As in prior years, if any of us feels ill they stay home.” -- Anonymous in Ray Township

“My child will not be going door-to-door and we will not be handing out candy. We will, however, buy our own candy and wander around the neighborhood looking at all the decorations. Maybe have a scary movie night.” -- James in Livonia

“Planning a bonfire (social distancing and weather permitting) on my driveway. A spot for kids to take a handful of candy. I think it can be done safely.” -- Janice in Livonia

“I’ll be giving my children a Halloween party with a few family members and neighborhood kids. In my backyard. Kids had to give up way too much this year.” -- Stephanie in Dearborn Heights

“Just a normal Halloween. Nothing will be changed.” -- Brian in Clinton Township

“As far as I know our neighborhood is still planning to trick-or-treat. We are also planning to hand out candy, in a socially distant way.” -- Peggy in Livonia

“I think the children have missed out on enough these last several months. I plan to hand out candy and I will wear a mask just so my neighbors feel safe.” -- Shawn in Chesterfield

“We haven’t heard any concrete plans for our neighborhood. The sub division hasn’t really given any guidance about a firm decision. The HOA was quite decisive about our pool and tennis courts the last 8 months. We’ve decided to just remove ourselves from the situation. We’ve rented a little cabin in Asheville and we’ll be there for a long weekend. We will miss the children stopping by though, we hope for next year and everyone’s health.” -- Anonymous in Lawrenceville

“For the first time in over 30 years, no candy and lights out. This makes me sad, but my husband and I are seniors and there is no reason to risk our health by opening our door to strangers. There is no way to legislate who comes, who is wearing a mask, etc.” -- Anonymous in Southfield

“My daughter and I are planning a scavenger hunt for my grandkids.” -- Barbara in Warren

“I will be walking with a small group of the neighborhood children. Everyone will be wearing a mask, and social distancing will be observed.” -- Robert in White Lake

“I plan to stay inside and watch scary movies.” -- Shirley in Livonia

“We will decorate our yard, have movie nights and make spooky food. We are having a candy scavenger hunt.” -- Jen in Northville

“Not opening the door or passing out candy -- sorry kids, we are in a pandemic.” -- Tim in Dearborn

“We usually go trick-or-treating with our grandkids and several other families. This year we are having a glow in the dark Halloween egg hunt in a large back yard with little toys along with the candy. Also playing games, having a potluck, and enjoying each other’s company. These families mostly just socialize with each other so the chance of COVID is greatly reduced, but masks will be in use even though we will be outside." -- Sandra in Troy

“We are having a Halloween ‘party’ with just us and the grandparents that babysit our child regularly. We will do crafts, dress up, and have fun desserts and candy.” -- Arri in Sheridan

“I no longer have kids that age but I won’t hand out candy as I’m immunocompromised. This is a tough one. Kids are back in school and I can’t see not allowing them to go out if they stay protected. Parents need to keep them safe as well as others.” -- Jamie in Rochester Hills

“We will be wearing masks and social distancing primarily for the sake of the children who come to our house. We put a lot of decorations up and this year will be no different. We don’t know how many children will show up at our door this year but those that do are going to be recognized and treated as in years past. They deserve to have memories just as the rest of us do.” -- Ralph in Sterling Heights

“I will be handing out candy with a mask and gloves on. This year has been hard enough! Don’t take Halloween away from the kids. They look forward to it all year.” -- Gale in Beverly Hills

“Candy in a bowl on a stool in the driveway. I will be 6 to 10 feet away. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters -- actually none the last few years -- but maybe due to COVID-19 the kids will stick closer to home.” -- Nora

“I’m concerned about gatherings more than individuals trick-or-treating, honestly.” -- Dawn

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