Blow us away with your snowblower pics! (yes, photos of snowblowers) 💨❄️

Let us honor the art of a good snowblower

A man snowblowing -- one of the heroes among us. (Pixlr)

If you’ve come this far, then you get it.

You, my friend (we’re friends now, OK?), understand the beauty of a good snow-blowing event. You know what it means to get that snowblower out of the garage or shed, and when it actually starts up and runs, you know what it feels like to be the hero of the neighborhood.

Or maybe you have that hero neighbor on your block. That person in your life who always comes to the rescue. You may see them out on the driveway in October, priming that puppy for the winter. Sure, they look nuts in October ... but come February, when there is a foot of snow on the pavement and their snowblower starts up ... they are a superstar.

And then comes the true art of flinging that snow in the right direction, clearing the sidewalks and driveways for all the world to use. That’s the kind of picture we’re looking for.

So snap them up, and share them here: