Brandon Roux: More local news at 7 a.m. means more weather coverage

News streaming on Local 4+ app for TVs

Local 4 News at 7 a.m. (WDIV)

Local 4+ is a new way for you to watch hyper local news at a time that might be more convenient for you.

With more people cord-cutting or finding other ways to watch what they want, when they want it, this fits the bill perfectly. Or simply said, Local 4+ equals the perfect platform to become filled with local information. it starts this Monday April 4, 2022 at 7am.

When it comes to weather, you might not notice a big difference most days because I will continue to give you comprehensive forecast information like you see on Local 4 News Today on Local 4 from 4:30am to 7am every weekday morning.

Where you’ll really appreciate weather coverage on Local4+ is during both disturbing and dangerous weather as we head into severe weather season. This digital platform gives us a little more breathing room to take necessary time to track street level storms and 3-D radar dissections on Storm Tracker 4.

We will also have more resources for bonus weather coverage including team coverage from your Local4Casters, valuable traffic information from Kim DeGiulio, and great storm perspective from Evrod and Rhonda. We plan on bringing in fresh faces from other WDIV newscasts to help us out every once in a while which will offer our viewers a little change here and there and I think change is good.

The other high value of our new digital newscast comes down to one word that I’ve previously mentioned and it’s huge. LOCAL! We will be stuffing this hour with stories from all of your neighborhoods and nowhere else. It’s the landing spot for everything local ranging from the twisted breaking news story of arson in Ann Arbor you must see, to the little lemonade stand story in South Lyon raising money for a specific need.

While we bring you a beautiful balance of local, national, and international news on Local 4 Newscasts, we will have time to share more insight, get deeper into local issues, and share the joy that your communities are putting out there. Come along with us on this journey and I believe you will be thrilled.

How do I get Local 4+?

Local 4+ is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and most other Smart TV devices and TV sets. Just search “Local 4″ or “WDIV” to download it.

You would look for it in the app store of your device or TV, just like you would if you were downloading any other app.