Designer born without hands gets new vehicle in Madison Heights

Ryan Hudson-Peralta has been a viral star on social media.

A vehicle like this may not be cheap, but it’s a priceless gateway to the world for someone with a disability.

Ryan Hudson-Peralta is a sensation on social media under the name, “Look Mom No Hands.”

Hudson-Peralta was born with congenital limb deficiency and has shortened legs and arms without hands. He works as an app developer for rocket companies, is a fashion designer and a motivational speaker.

On social media, his videos have gotten millions of views, including one that got close to 20 million views and hundreds of shares.

Hudson-Peralta has been driving for 20 years, but always in a minivan. On Sunday, with the help of a creative mobility group in Madison Heights, he’s finally getting a new ride.

The ride is a new Chevy Traverse specially equipped with a ramp, raised steering pedals and everything else at the touch of a button on the driver’s side door.

“I tell people all the time I’ve never ridden a bike by myself,” he said. “But the first time I sat behind a wheel and drove a car by myself, it was an incredible feeling.”

Hudson-Peralta took it for a spin with us on Sunday.

“I just put my arm in here and it’s locked,” he said. “I’ve got really good control of the steering wheel.”

Sure, he sometimes gets a few strange looks.

“Sometimes I’ll like roll down the window and I’ll like wave, and they’ll be like ‘oh that’s so cool!” he said.

Hudson-Peralta also said he’s seen his fair share of hate online just for showing how someone with a disability lives their life in a world not designed with him or people like him in mind.

“The driving video that I posted, there was some negative comments,” he said. “People were like, You shouldn’t be able to drive this — should be illegal. And then after I start responding with something about their mama, I delete it and just move on.”

Now, he’ll be moving on in style.

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